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    • Additional Training Times Added

      Hello everyone,  We have updated our training calendar to provide additional training times and added replays of previous training sessions for  OnDemand training.  Check out our updated training calendar by clicking here
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      Amarki offers everything an agent needs to promote
 themselves and their properties Overcoming marketing challenges is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse through Amarki; a single tool allowing real estate agents to complete their marketing ...
    • Do I need to upload my logo each time I create a marketing piece?

      No, simply upload your logo to the logo manager and it will automatically populate into each marketing piece that calls for a logo.  Pro Tip: You can upload as many logos as you'd like can control which one is populated into your marketing piece by ...
    • Registration

      Signup Step - Organization SUMMARY Registering for an Amarki account is completed in four easy steps: Pick a Plan, Your Account, Your Organization and Finish. A.     B.    Best Practice             First Step - Pick a Plan Choose the plan that is ...
    • Address Book

      Address Book SUMMARY Your Amarki Address Book is used  to store and organize your contact information so it can be easily accessed when sending emails or text messages. A.     B.    Best Practice C.    To Access the Address Book: 1.     Login 2.     ...
    • Text Messages

      Text Messages SUMMARY You can use Amarki to send 100s of text messages with just a few clicks. Quick Video: Send a Text Message Best Practice To send text messages: Login Click the "+Create" link in the Amarki header Click "Text Messages" in the pop ...