After Sign Up Steps

After Sign Up Steps

After Sign Up Steps


After signing up for Amarki we recommend completing the steps below to create the best experience.


A.   Best Practice

B.    Verify and Complete Your Account Profile

1.     Login

2.     Click the dropdown arrow next to your name in the top right corner

3.     Click “My Account” in the drop-down menu

4.     Check fields for accuracy and update any missing fields.

**This information will be used when creating marketing pieces in Amarki. Keeping this information up to date will ensure correct information populates into marketing pieces.


Property Listings

1.     Log in to your ListHub account and share your listings with Amarki

2.     In Amarki go back to the “My Account” screen and select the “Real Estate Sales-Residential” tab

3.     Complete all fields within this tab

4.     Click the “Contact Information” tab, confirm your email addresses matches the email address used in your MLS listings.

5.     This information will be used to match your property listings to your Amarki account. We update each hour, so if you have updated this information check back in an hour for your listings in the “Products” section.


Verify your email address

1.     Go to your email inbox

2.     Find the email with the subject, “Amarki Email Confirmation”

3.     Click the “Verify Email” button

4.     You will receive a confirmation pop up, click “OK”

5.     Your email address is now verified, and you can send emails


Upload Logos

1.     Click “Logo Manager” in the left menu

2.     Click the “Choose File” button under Logo 1

3.     Browse your computer and select your full color logo

4.     Click the “Open” button

5.     Click the “Update” button

6.     Add additional logos, if desired


Complete your Ad account profile

1.     Login

2.     Click the arrow to the right of your name within the menu on the left-hand side.

3.     Click “Shopping Profile”

4.     Click the “Ads Account Info” tab

5.     Click “Edit Ads Account” button

6.     Enter Required fields

7.     Click “Update” button

8.     Information will be saved, and you are now ready to create Web Ads.


Add Contacts to your Address Book

1.     Click "Address Book" in the left menu

2.     Click "Contacts" in left menu, on this page you will see a list of all available contacts

3.     Click "+Add Contacts" button

4.     Enter Contact's information into the form

5.     Click "Create Contact" button




 Next Steps:

You’re all set and ready to use Amarki’s features.

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