How to Send and Email

How to Send and Email


Amarki provides users the ability to send hundreds of emails to their clients, prospects, and colleagues alike either individually or through distribution list(s).

  2. Best Practice
  3. Quick Video: SEND EMAIL
  4. To create and send emails
    1. Login to Amarki
    2. If you have not created contacts within your CRM, you will need to do this before sending emails
    3. Click the "+Create" link in the Amarki header
    4. Click "E-Mails" in the dropdown menu
    5. Click the "Select" button under the E-Mail template you would like to use
    6. Click the checkbox next to the property you would like to market (if prompted)
    7. Select the time you would like the E-Mail to be sent
    8. Click the Contacts or Lists Icon next to the "To:" field
    9. Select the contact(s) or list(s) you would like to E-Mail by clicking the checkbox(es) next to the name of the contact(s) or list(s).
    10. Click the "Add Selected" button
    11. Enter a Subject in the "Subject" field
    12. You can now edit the email template. Please note, some portions of the templates cannot be edited, i.e. company logos(s), addresses, etc.
    13. To replace an image:
      1. Click the existing image, you'll notice the edit panel on the right hand side of the screen updates with the options for your image
      2. Click the "Upload Image" button
      3. Browse your computer for the preferred image, when found click the image or file name and then click the "open" button
    14. To edit an image:
      1. Click the existing image within the email
      2. Click the "Apply Effects & More" button in the panel on the right hand side
      3. Choose from the options in the top menu
      4. When finished making edits, click the "Save" button in the top left hand corner
    15. To add a new image, text box, video, or divider (if option is available, some email templates will not allow these types of changes.
      1. Click on an existing row (not content)
      2. When the whole row is highlighted you will see a plus sign above and below the row, click the "plus sign" icon
      3. Click the newly created row
      4. In the menu on the right, click how many sections you would like in the newly created row
      5. Click the "Add Content" button within the new section
      6. Choose from the Button, Divider, Image, Text or Video icons in the right hand panel, click the icon and drag to the new section
        1. If you selected a button
          1. Click the button and add the URL in the URL field and update your options such as, opening the website in a new tab
          2. You can also change the action of the button by choosing from the "Action Type" Dropdown
          3. Scroll to the Colors section and update the button color and text color to match the theme of your email by clicking the "Button" and/or "Text" icons - You can use a hex code or choose from available colors
        2. If you selected an image
          1. Click the image placeholder
          2. Click Upload Image
          3. Choose an image from your Amarki Image gallery or Upload an image from your computer
        3. If you selected a divider (Please note, you will get the best result using a divider if you choose one section when creating a new row)
          1. Click the divider
          2. Use the "Width" slider to change the width of the divider
          3. In the Line section, click the dropdown to choose the style of your divider
          4. Use the "+" or "-" buttons to change the heights of your divider
          5. Click the gray icon to change the color of your line
        4. If you selected text
          1. Click the newly added text and update the text by type and/or highlight the text to change to color, size etc.
        5. If you selected video
          1. Click the video placeholder
          2. Enter the URL in the "Video URL" field (adding a YouTube or Vimeo link will generate a preview image)
    16. To Update Text
      1. Click the existing text within the Email
      2. Click or Highlight the text to be changed
      3. Begin typing or use the menu above to make changes to font, size, color etc.
      4. You also have the option to add merge tags to be automatically populated
        1. Click the "Merge Tags" drop down arrow
        2. Hover over the category
        3. Select the merge tag to be inserted into your email, these variables will populate information from your user profile.
    17. To update the background color of a row
      1. Click the Row
      2. In the Row Properties section, click the white icon next to "Background Color"
      3. Choose a color or enter a hex code
    18. Preview your email
      1. While editing your email you are seeing a preview of the email if viewed on a desktop
      2. Click the "Mobile" tab at the top of the right panel to see a preview if viewed on a mobile phone



  1. When you are happy with the email, Click the "Save Email Template" button

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