Signup Step - Organization


Registering for an Amarki account is completed in four easy steps: Pick a Plan, Your Account, Your Organization and Finish.


B.    Best Practice

            First Step - Pick a Plan Choose the plan that is best for you. We offer a basic "free" plan and an upgraded premium plan for 14.95.             The biggest difference between the plans is the number of emails, text message and social posts available to use. 

                Second Step - Your Account Enter your information into the required fields, this information will be used to auto-populate emails and text                              messages created in Amarki.  Click Next
                Step Three - Your Organization Enter your office or company information into the required fields during this step. This information will also                         be used to auto-populate emails and text messages created in Amarki. 
                Step Four - Finish During this step you will enter your billing information. If you chose a paid plan in the first step you will enter your billing                         address and payment information. If you chose a free plan during the first step you will enter your billing address only. 



After completing each step, you will then experience a brief pause while your account is being created. You will then be taken directly into your new Amarki account where you can begin creating marketing materials. 




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