Text Messages

Text Messages

Text Messages


You can use Amarki to send 100s of text messages with just a few clicks.

Quick Video: Send a Text Message

  1. Best Practice
  2. To send text messages:
    1. Login
    2. Click the "+Create" link in the Amarki header
    3. Click "Text Messages" in the pop up menu
    4. Click the "Select" button under the Text Message template you would like to use. Pro tip - if you do not see a template you would like to use, head over the the template section to create your own. 
    5. Select the time you would like the Text Message to be sent
    6. Click the Contacts or Lists Icon
    7. Select the contacts or list you would like the Text Message sent to by clicking the checkbox(es) next to the name of the contact or list. If you do not see contacts or lists you will need to create them in your address book. See our Address Book article to learn how to add contacts and lists. 
    8. Click the "Send Text Message Button"

When the text message is sent the variables (Ex:{{list_first_name}}) will be populated with list, contact, user profile or property information.




Your text will be sent at the scheduled time

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