Need help getting started? We have several training sessions available to walk you through getting started with Amarki. Choose one of the sessions offered below and register for the time that works best for you. 

Amarki Full Overview - 27 Mins
Hosted by  Shandi Pfeiffer
About this webinar, This training session is great for new users or any user who would like to know more about how Amarki works. We will cover account setup and walk through each feature available in Amarki What you’ll learn The more you know about Amarki the easier it will be to put Amarki to work for you. During this session, we will cover the following topics Account Setup Address Book Social Media Email Text Message Digital Downloads

Account Setup
Hosted by  Shandi Pfeiffer
About this webinar, This session provides an overview and explains the importance of setting up your account in Amarki.

Social Media Overview
Hosted by  Shandi Pfeiffer
In this session, we will provide an overview of using Amarki to post to social media. What you’ll learn You will learn to use Amarki to Create one post and send it to multiple social platforms Schedule social posts to reach your audience at the most opportune times Use templates to quickly and easily post property information

Text Message Overview
Hosted by  Shandi Pfeiffer
About this webinar This session provides an overview of the Text Message feature available in Amarki. What you’ll learn In this session you will learn how to: Send Text Messages Schedule Text Messages View sent and scheduled text messages Cancel scheduled text messages

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    • Text Messages

      Text Messages SUMMARY You can use Amarki to send 100s of text messages with just a few clicks. Quick Video: Send a Text Message Best Practice To send text messages: Login Click the "+Create" link in the Amarki header Click "Text Messages" in the pop ...
    • How to Post to Social Media

      Social Media Posts SUMMARY Using Amarki you can post to social media easily and often A.     B.    Best Practice Connect Social Media Accounts 1.     Login 2.     Click the arrow to the right of your name within the menu on the left-hand side. 3.     ...
    • Connect Social Media Accounts

      Connect Social Media Accounts 1.     Login 2.     Click the arrow to the right of your name within the menu on the left-hand side. 3.     Click “Social Profile” 4.     Click the tile for the social platform you would like to connect 5.     Enter your ...
    • Unable to Connect to Social Media

      Connecting your social media accounts requires the use of a pop up. If you do not see the pop up check to see if you have a pop up blocker enabled. If a pop up blocker is enabled, allow pop ups from and retry connecting your social ...
    • Can I post to Social Media using Amarki

      Yes, you can post to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.