What is the limitation of the free account?

What is the limitation of the free account?

Amarki offers plan types, Free and Premium. 
With the free plan you can: 
  1. 300 emails per month (each contact counts as 1 email) Example, If I send one email to 300 contacts I have met my monthly limit. 
  2. 30 Text Messages per month (each contact counts as 1 Text Message) Example, If I send one text to 30 contacts I have met my monthly limit. 
  3. Post up to 4 times per social platform, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  4. Create Unlimited Google Display and Google Search Ads (Ad charges do apply)
  5. Create Email Templates to be used as downloadable PDFs - Unlimited
  6. Create Custom Email and Text template - Unlimited
  7. Upload or enter contacts - UInlimited
  8. Upload Images to your Image Gallery (storage limits apply)
  9. Upload, organize and share files (storage limits apply)
  10. Contact Support via Email, Help Center or Chat. 
  11. 1 GB Storage
For more information visit our Pricing Article

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